Protect your loved ones by having them carry a Personal GPS Tracker If they wander or get lost, you’ll know about it. If they run into trouble, the SOS alert button summons help.

Protect your pets by outfitting them with the Personal GPS Tracker. They’ll never be lost again.

Protect your vehicle and other valuable equipment. Put the Personal GPS Tracker on board and remotely monitor its movement, speed and location. A great anti-theft device!

Use Your Personal GPS Tracker to:

  • Know where your baby, child, or teen is.
  • Know where your pet is.
  • Be reassured your aging parent is safe.
  • Monitor Alzheimer’s patients who may wander.
  • Know the whereabouts of vehicles and equipment.
  • Locate lost luggage when you travel.
  • Manage personnel.
  • Covertly track criminals.

Your Personal GPS Tracker is so small it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Carry it discretely in pocket or purse. Or attach the unit to your pet’s collar so he can be tracked and found if lost .

Best Value GPS Tracker on the market because...:

Unlike other GPS devices, there are no monthly user fees because data is sent via SMS!

Monitor People and Pets with the Personal GPS Tracker

  • Auto-tracking mode: Personal GPS Tracker sends location signals however often you program it to.
  • Emergency mode: The SOS button automatically sends out a “Help” message and location data every 2 minutes to as many as 5 pre-set numbers.
  • Listening mode: The built in microphone lets you do voice surveillance, too.

Monitor Property with the Personal GPS Tracker

  • Movement Alert: If your vehicle is stolen or used without your permission, the Personal GPS Tracker will message you.
  • Geofence: The Personal GPS Tracker sends you an alert when your car is driven beyond the boundaries you’ve programmed in.
  • Speed Alert:The GPS unit transmits a message if the vehicle exceeds a certain.